Helpful Hints

Socialising. Appropriate socialisation provides the foundation for confident and positive future behaviour.
The socialisation period of puppy development is between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks. During this time, exposing your puppy to a range of new experiences provides them with opportunities to develop appropriate responses. On the other hand, you will also be encouraged to keep your puppy confined until it has completed its immunisation regime. It is important to strike a comfortable balance between socialising and protecting your puppy. Please talk to your breeder and or your local vet.

We believe in treating our dogs with kindness and positive training.
Therefore we do recommend training your dog with a harness that attaches at the from, around the chest area (not the ones that attach on the dogs back as this can encourage to pull)

How to overcome the jumping up (So important to stop this immediately.
Most first time dog owners see this as fun and cute. Agree. However little puppies grow up and it is not so cute anymore when an adult dog does it ie. Labrador. Someone who is uncomfortable with dogs or children could see this as being attacked). Easy to overcome and all family members need to know what to do.

Stop mouthing and play biting
(Again so important as mentioned above)

If this is your first dog and you would like to take him/her to an off lead area but not sure what to do and to look for, we have made a quick check list to keep you and your dog safer.
If a group of dogs are playing, they may have formed a play group and it is better if you approach the play group in a controlled manner. That maybe on-lead, then release your dog once you have reached the group do not allow the dog to race in.

Walk with your dog in an off lead area rather than standing around talking.
Crowd gathering and dogs running around can stress to your dog (depending on the character). We do not want your dog to suffer a bad off lead experience

Stop and Recall your dog from any group chasing game.
This can overstimulate some dogs and trigger an altercation. A large group chasing game can also put you at some risk of being swept off their feet

If you notice your dog becoming stressed, anxious or reactive, leave the off lead area and place your dog on a lead.
Encourage your dog to play a game with you ie. ball, stick or anything to take his focus away from the stressful experience.

If in doubt ask the people in the off lead area if it is ok for your dog to join the group.
Remember don’t stop standing in a group, keep moving and walking with your dog.

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