Stage 1

Complete Puppy Training

Perfect for any puppy between 8-14 weeks of age

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What the dynamic duo will learn
  • Build closeness and focus between you and your new puppy
  • The importance of hand signal over verbal signal
  • Sit, Stand, Drop/Down. In front and by the side of the handler. All with Verbal and Hand signals.
  • Stays in all 3 positions
  • Getting your dog’s attention when distracted
  • Recall
  • Heeling on a loose lead and introducing heeling off from a sit
  • Retrieving and how the puppy should bring the article back to your hand
  • How to sit and stand while heeling
  • Overcoming reaction to distraction
  • Difference between stay and wait
  • Meal time manners
  • How to overcome the jumping up (So important to stop this immediately. Most first time dog owners see this as fun and cute. Agree. However little puppies grow up and not so cute anymore when an adult dog does it ie. Labrador. Someone who is uncomfortable with dogs or child could see this as being attacked). Easy to overcome and all family members need to know what to do.
  • Stop mouthing and play biting (Again so important as mentioned above)
  • We also discuss unwanted behaviour you may have encountered. Ie barking at the door to be let inside or running around the home out of control.


Must have for the Puppy lesson
  • Certificate showing the puppy has commenced the immunisation program
  • A collar or preferable a harness with front attachment (not on the back)

Complete Puppy School will be held over 4 consecutive weeks. The lesson begins with 10-15 minutes of play/interaction time to observe your puppies’ confidence level and whether the training needs to modified to suit your puppies character. Every puppy has its own and unique character which needs to be taken into consideration.

The earlier you start your puppy lessons in its most important development stage the better it will be for future. This is also the best time for you and your puppy to build on the closeness and bond between each other.

Complete Manners School

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Ideal for the more mature puppy or the older dog that has just come into your life. Ie due to family circumstances or maybe a rescue dog.

Complete Manners School will be conducted on an individual, one on one basis. The course will be more tailored to individual requirements.

What you both will learn (and you will love it)

  • As this is likely to be your first training session with your new dog the Complete Puppy School program will be a guide
  • Focus on good home manners
  • With the older dogs we can modify unwanted behaviour
  • With the older dogs we might have to look at other methods to gain trust, closeness and the focus for training
  • The aim is to get your dog to a confident level in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and be in a position to join the Complete Dog Training (could be IDA) if you both enjoy the training and interaction.


Must have for the Puppy lesson
  • Certificate showing that they immunised
  • A collar or preferable a harness with front attachment (not on the back)

Complete Manners School will be held over 3 consecutive weeks with additional training available if required

Stage 2

Complete Dog Training

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Where it all comes together. The skills and techniques you learned from the previous class we put into good effect and into everyday life. A well behaved dog becomes an accepted member of the community. A well behaved and happy dog = happy owner

What exciting things will you both learn

  • Quick revision of previous training program
  • Responding to you in presence of a distraction ie. Jogger/ cyclist, another dog
  • More advanced loose lead work including sit, stand and drop/down
  • Meet and greet other dogs in an appropriate manner
  • Being handled without showing fear and aggression
  • Brief stays. Where you walk off and the dog remains in the position you asked
  • Brief out of sight separation and the dog to remain calm
  • Calmly getting in and out of the car
  • Walking through a door or gate in an orderly manner
  • Meal time manners
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Behaving well for a Veterinary exam

Complete Dog Training will be held over 5 consecutive weeks. The last one being assessment week



To enter Complete Dog Training YOU MUST have completed one of the courses in Stage 1, that is Puppy or Manners School

Stage 3

Members of the Complete Dog Training

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For the handler and his best friend who love the training, socialising, interaction and want to learn more in a supportive and structured environment. Plus the ongoing training and socializing is important for your dog’s ongoing wellbeing.

What will you and wonder dog learn

  • More advanced loose lead walking. Off lead in the right location
  • Recalls over a greater distance.
  • Stop on recall for the more advanced
  • Stays over a greater distance and time. Out of sight for the more advanced
  • Retrieving articles over a greater distance, sit in front and then take article from the dog
  • Obstacle weaving
  • Stand for exam with the handler 2-5 paces from the dog
  • Hand signals only for Sit, Drop/Down and come
  • No verbal signals in the advanced off lead heeling routine
  • Scent discrimination. Your dog has to pick up your article from 4-12 similar items. (Great game)
  • Once a dog is over 12 months start to introduce jumps
  • Retrieve articles over a jump or pathway
  • Weaving through 6 poles. (Looks great once a dog has perfected this)
  • Tracking. Learn about equipment, how to lay a track, how to handle your dog and to follow the track. (Dogs absolutely love this game as they are using their natural senses. It is an absolute joy to see how much the dog enjoys tracking. Very addictive)



To enter Members of Complete Dog Training YOU MUST have completed Stage 1 and Stage 2. That is Puppy or Manners School plus Complete Dog Training (possible IDA)

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