Additional Services

Pet Transport

  • Going away, busy lifestyle or circumstances we will transport your dog in air condition comfort to its desired destination ie. Vet, Grooming or any other requirements your dog may have
  • This is done by us. Providing the personal touch and comfort to you
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Home Care Service

  • We look after your dog at home. Feed, walk, clean-up and make sure of their general health
  • We personally look after your dog
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Loose Lead Walking

  • Incorporating fun, games, sit, stand, drop. Important to release the dog from the training with some fun to break up the concentration. By keeping it short and sharp your dog will enjoy this and want to perform better.
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  • Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and fun things to do for your dog.
  • We teach about the equipment
  • How to set up the track
  • How to prepare your dog
  • Setting your dog off to follow the scent trail
  • It gives me joy to see the enthusiasm and fun tracking brings to the dog
  • What you learn in the scent game is also a great way to keep your dog occupied and busy when you are not home
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Dog Walking

  • Going away, busy lifestyle, circumstances prevent you from walking your dog. We do it for you
  • We can also assist you in walking your dog with you. We can pick you and your dog up from home
  • Loose lead workshop incorporating sit, stand and drop/down. Off lead when possible
  • Personalist service where we look after your dog and you
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Life Skills

  • Preparing your dog for everyday life and Home Manners
  • Walking through the door politely. Not through your feet and about to knock you over
  • Meal time manners
  • Moving in and out of the car politely
  • Recall that works. Using Pavlov’s conditioning theory
  • Plus working on items you would like to cover for a more enjoyable and harmonious home life
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One on One

  • Specific Training to suit your requirements
  • From loose lead walking to modifying behaviour issues
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Pet Photography

  • Capturing that Special moment that will last forever.
  • We can photograph your pet in your home or the great outdoor. From the beautiful fields to the magnificent ocean.
  • Using our training techniques to gain the attention allows us to capture that moment. Have a look at our Gallery
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