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Your Dog Trainer Dietmar Gregory is an accredited Instructor under the Gentle Dog Trainers Association. Coming from a rich history of Positive Dog Training at the Kintala Dog Club which started 40 Years ago by the great visionary David Weston. Author of many positive training books. With a background of over 40 Years in positive dog training it has become a truly tried and proven method.

Dietmar Gregory has 15 Years of Senior Instructor experience (also assisting and observing the Instructors moving up the ranks to Senior Instructor) he can assist you and guide you through your journey of achieving Your Goals for you and your best friend.

Dietmar and his wife Kathryn have also volunteered for Dogs for Kids with Disabilities (DKD). This involved looking after puppies for 12 months and preparing them for their challenging future. Such as walking slowly on lead, walking through shopping centres, up and down lifts and escalators, coming to coffee shops and learning where to lie-down, home and meal manners. All this training had to be done with fun and positive training. Their proudest moment was when Harvey passed with flying colours and become one of the best dogs within the DKD organisation. Harvey was placed with a special needs child and made a huge positive difference for the child and the family. Truly remarkable what these dogs can do.

Personal achievements have also been very rewarding. Having dogs that love training (and most dogs do as it is fun and challenging for them) they were able to work through various class levels and obedience competitions at the Kintala Dog Club. Oliver their Golden Retriever is only one of six dogs who has successfully passed Class 10 and Gold in Competition in the 40 Year history at the club. Forest their 4 Year old Golden retriever is 4 Years of age and has made it to class 7 at this stage. Certainly on his way and fine tuning his skills. With the obedience competition throughout the years they achieved numerous 1st placing and 3 Best in Competition awards. ‘An amazing feeling when closeness and beautiful team work comes together’.

Kathryn Gregory has been an integral part of their success. Always assisting Dietmar with training the dogs. Kathryn also spent a lot of time preparing and training Harvey for his amazing journey ahead. Together they make a great time from which you will benefit from. Your training will be positive, interactive with the personal touch to give you the confidence you need to train your best little friend. Most important there will be FUN

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