Complete Puppy School

This is the most important development stage in your dog’s life. What they learn and experience here will hold them in good stead for the rest of their journey.

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Complete Manners School

For the older puppies and more mature dogs that may have just joined your family and enriched your life.

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Complete Dog Training

This is where it all comes together for you and your dog. Putting the knowledge you learned into everyday life experience and becoming a team.

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Members of the Complete Dog Training.

For the handler and his best friend who love training, socialising and would like to learn more.

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Dietmar Gregory is an accredited Instructor under the Gentle Dog Trainers Association.

Coming from a rich history of Positive Dog Training at the Kintala Dog Club which started 40 Years ago by the great visionary David Weston. Author of many positive training books. With a background of over 40 Years in positive dog training it has become a truly tried and proven method.


Dietmar Gregory has 15 Years of Senior Instructor experience (also assisting and observing the Instructors moving up the ranks to Senior Instructor) he can assist you and guide you through your journey of achieving Your Goals for you and your best friend.

A Fun, Positive Environment For Dog Obedience Training

Is your new puppy chewing everything in sight? Does your mature dog have separation anxiety issues? Whether you have a new puppy, rescue dog or old dog with bad behaviours you will face challenges that can be frustrating and often require the help of experienced dog training professionals. At Complete Dog Training our passion is puppy and dog obedience training and we pride ourselves on our proven training methods that promote positivity and fun, making the experience rewarding for both owner and dog. Our aim is for every owner to develop a lifelong bond with their pup ensuring they become a well-adjusted family pet whilst helping owners to overcome common behavioural challenges such as housetraining, manners, jumping and nipping.

Why is dog obedience training important?

Obedience training teaches our prized pets to be social, safe and easily managed. There are countless reasons your dog needs training no matter how old they are. From walking on a lead without pulling and choking, to socialising with other dogs at the park, ensuring your best shoes don’t become their next meal, obedience training is an essential tool that will ensure your pet dog grows up to live in harmony with your family.

Dog training for all ages

Although it’s best to start young, dogs of all ages can benefit from obedience training. Not only is it fun, it’s rewarding for all and is a great way to bond and spend quality time with your much-loved furry companion. Dogs are intelligent animals and you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be to train your dog to behave in ways that make your life much easier. We’ll teach basic commands like sit, stand, drop, as well as how to get your dog’s attention, meal time manners and socialisation. From puppy school, to intermediate classes to advanced obedience training, we have classes that will suit any breed at any level.

Why choose Complete Dog Training?

With a rich history in positive dog training, we love nothing more than seeing owners and dogs bond over learning. Training will be positive, interactive and with a personal touch which will instil a confidence into both owner and dog. Most importantly it will be a fun and memorable experience that will ensure a lifetime of happy memories with your best little friend. We offer continued support and services such as in-home care, dog walking, pet transport and even pet photography! Contact us today to learn more about our classes and services and see how we can help turn your puppy into a top dog.

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